We have gathered a list of the top East Grand Rapids Houses to buy

based on price per square foot.  Price per square foot is a great leveler.

If two similar homes are listed at similar prices, their price per square

foot should be similar.  It should reflect the interior finish of the home.

For example, if it has crystal chandeliers, marble tile, a new kitchen,

this would be more per square foot than a home that still has the

1970’s decor and/or is in derelict condition.

Please note that this list can change daily as some homes sell, prices are

adjusted and other homes come on the market.

Gaslight Village Sign East GR MI

The total square footage is noted here, although only the main floors

are used to figure price per square foot.


January 2010 – 22 TOP BEST BUY East Grand Rapids Homes

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $62.80 to $119.88

Highest List Price -  $ 450,000

Lowest List Price -  $ 89,900


The Top East GR Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

729 Gladstone DrSE    $  89,900      800 Sq Ft   $112.38/SqFt

2361 Burchard St        $125,900    1455 Sq Ft   $109.00/SqFt

2258 Lake Dr SE         $142,000    2261 Sq Ft   $62.80/SqFt

159 El Centro Blvd      $149,900    1848 Sq Ft   $81.11/SqFt

1647 Franklin St          $149,900    1392 Sq Ft   $107.69/SqFt


847 Orchard Ave        $159,900    1350 Sq Ft   $118.44/SqFt

252 Hodenpyl Rd       $164,500    1489 Sq Ft    $110.48/SqFt

1530 Groton Rd         $169,900    1694 Sq Ft    $110.32/SqFt

2752 Robinson Rd      $169,900   1532 Sq Ft    $110.90/SqFt

1433 Edgewood Ave  $179,900   1738 Sq Ft    $103.51/SqFt


2937 Lake Dr              $179,900   1602 Sq Ft    $112.30/SqFt

1160 Conlon Ave        $180,000   1889 Sq Ft    $95.29/SqFt

1707 Hall St SE           $189,900   2229 Sq Ft    $108.33/SqFt

2840 Cascade Rd        $209,000     2272 Sq Ft   $116.63/SqFt

2150 Anderson Dr      $209,000    3322 Sq Ft   $75.29/SqFt


1747 Danby Lane       $215,000     1951 Sq Ft   $110.20/SqFt

1401 Pinecrest Ave   $220,000    2350 Sq Ft   $103.97/SqFt

1150 Gladstone Dr    $240,000    4220 Sq Ft   $102.56/SqFt

330 Fulton St E         $263,000    3460 Sq Ft   $106.05/SqFt

1245 Woodshire Ave $269,500    2248 Sq Ft   $119.88/SqFt


1401 Breton Rd        $349,700     3873 Sq Ft   $102.85/SqFt

455 Plymouth Ave    $450,000     3852 Sq Ft   $116.82/SqFt


East Grand Rapids bargains have all but disappeared.   Only one home

under $100K (it is under 1000 square feet) has been listed for the past

8 months.

If you have been waiting for the right time to buy, don’t wait much

longer.  We are seeing definite signs of competition for homes in most

areas, like East Grand Rapids and Forest Hills. Homes in good condition

and priced appropriately are selling quickly. 

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and not habitable

as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*

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